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During debt review your creditors are prohibited from taking legal action. Meaning you and your assets are protected by law - no more harassing phone calls.



With your own dedicated debt counsellor you’ll have 100% transparency and 24/7 access to every aspect of your debt review.

Debt Review, Greenfern & the NCR

Debt Review is a solution provided by the National Credit Act to assist & protect over-indebted consumers.

Debt Review takes into consideration all of the consumer's accounts and establishes a holistic strategy to get the consumer out of debt.

Debt Review provides protection to the consumer from credit providers who harass them or threaten to reposess their assets.Section 86 of the national credit act 34 of 2005 regulates the debt counselling industry. Consumer rights are specifically protected by the act and entitles the consumer to a fair and reasonable debt re-arrangement plan.

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Registered at the NCRGreenfern Debt Counselling is registered with the National Credit Regulator. We also subscribe to the Code of Conduct as introduced by the NCR. By subscribing to this code we commit ourselves to a high standard of ethics and quality service to consumers.